Unidentified Victims

Who Am I?
84-025810 W/M Found in South Bay
Friday, February 3, 1984

Approximate Age - 17 - 28 years old

ID Info: This unidentified white male is approximately 5'09 1/2" to 6'00" tall, average build with weight proportionate to his height and straight or slightly curved brunette hair. He had healing rib and right hand fractures. He was wearing white boxer underwear, dark blue jogging shorts with #82502 on the inside band and white socks with blue stripes.

Circumstances: This male's skeletal remains were found off of US 27, 18 miles south of South Bay, FL. The cause of death was trauma to the base of the skull. Time of death was placed one year prior to the discovery of the body. Dental charts are available.

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