Firearms Training


Repairs and maintenance of all PBSO, and current Off Duty Firearms. Pepperball and 40mm Weapon Systems

All Taser repair and maintenance is done at the Headquarters Armory, Gun Club Rd. West Palm Beach

The phone number at the Firearms Facility is (561) 790-6120

Handgun/Shotgun Facilities

Bay #1 - This bay is 80ft by 160ft designed for handgun/shotgun use. There is a 30ft covered area with benchs and tables. Either paper or reactionary steel targets can be used. Construction of a fully enclosed live fire house on this bay is currently underway.

Bay #2 - This bay is 160ft by 160ft designed for handgun/shotgun use. There is a 30ft covered area with benchs and tables. This bay is set up with a control tower, or remote ground control box, to control 40 pneumatic turning targets. Sidewalks run down the middle of the range and at the 7, 15, and 25 yard lines. The range is intend for the use of paper targets only due to the pneumatic lines.

Pistol / Sub-Gun Facilities

Bay #3 - This bay is an 80ft by 160ft with reactionary steel targets that are pneumatically operated with 6 portable popper plates attached to steel reinforced hose lines. A remote control box allows the targets to be individually controlled. This range is limited to handgun caliber pistols or sub-guns only.

Bay #4 - This unique bay features six individually controlled running man targets which can move toward or away from the students. The bay is 80ft by 160ft with a covered area for benches and tables. The "Running Man" system takes up 80ft of the 160ft depth. The remaining 80ft can be used as a standard pistol range with paper or reactionary steel targets.

Simmunitions / Rifles

Bay #5 is a utility bay area that is 180ft by 180ft. The bay can be used for a variety of shooting disciplines. There is a wooden "scenario" house located on bay #5 that is used primarily for staging Simunition scenarios.

Bay #6 is a 300meter rifle bay featuring 12 positions with both turning and pop-up targets that are controllable from the 100, 200, and 300 meter positions.

This page is intended to inform any interested law enforcement officers or agencies of the current training schedule of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office. To register for open enrollment courses contact the Bureau of Training at (561) 688-3565.

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PBSO Firearms Facility
21500 Southern Blvd, Loxahatchee, FL 33470
Ph: 561-790-6120         Map

HQ Armory Staff

Sgt. Steven Dickinson
Armory Sergeant


Cpl. John Brady
Armory Specialist


Harry Pearce
Armory Specialist


Firearms Facility Staff

Sgt. Mark Evans


John O'Rourke
Armory Specialist


Steven Wiesen
Armory Specialist


Hours of Operation

Mon. – Fri., 7:30 am - 4:00 pm

Sat., Sun. and Holidays Closed

Weapon Maintenance

Glock Maintenance

Bushmaster Maintenance