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Welcome to the District 14 – City of Lake Worth website.  I am Captain Rolando Silva, and it is my distinct privilege to serve as the Law  Enforcement Commander of Lake Worth.  I have been with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office since 1990, and it is my honor to lead the District 14 Team in protecting and serving the residents of Lake Worth.

It is the goal of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office to ensure Lake Worth is a safe place to work and live and we are always striving for better ways to accomplish this objective.  Currently, District 14 is staffed by 80 sworn law enforcement deputies and 7 non-sworn employees.  Our District services the City of Lake Worth which encompasses over 5.5 square miles and has more than 36,000 residents.  The Community Policing philosophy is strongly embraced by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office and our Sheriff, Ric Bradshaw.   The Sheriff’s Office cannot do it alone though, and that is why it is important for you, the city’s residents, to partner with us in addressing crime and quality of life issues within the City.  It is our aim to establish and maintain a “team” concept with the community in order to identify and resolve issues while allowing the Sheriff’s Office to provide the highest level of professional law enforcement service possible.

In the effort to expand the Community Policing model that we value at the Sheriff’s Office, we have divided the City of Lake Worth into five sectors.  Subsequently, deputies and supervisors who are assigned to the sectors have “ownership” of any community issues that may arise in their assigned sectors. These individuals are true professionals who are your Community Policing Deputies. If you have not already, please take the time to stop and speak with them - build a relationship with your Sector Deputy so that together we can make a real difference in our community!

Thank you for visiting our website.  We look forward to our continued partnership in community excellence.

Best regards,

Captain Rolando Silva, Esq.
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Commander, District 14 - City of Lake Worth

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120 North G Street
Lake Worth, FL 33460

Main Phone:

(561) 586-1611


(561) 688-3000


(561) 586-1763



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Phone/Email Contacts

Capt. Rolando Silva:
District 14 Commander


Lt. David Moss:
District 14 - Executive Officer


Amanda White:
Capt's Asst.


Tracy Lehner:
Support Suprv.


Michelle Miclea:
Crime Analyst


Central Records:

Main Line:


Maria Khan:


Carole Mignault:


Rosalia Santana:

561- 202-9610

Kitty Pitman:




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