Deputy Receives Friendship Bracelet from Thankful Young Girl


Deputy Receives Friendship Bracelet from Thankful Young Girl

Imagine you’re 7 & 12 and your mother becomes unstable and is removed from your home and your father is arrested for breaking the law and taken to jail. You are not old enough to stay home alone and a relative is not readily available to step in. The alternative… Department of Children & Family Services (DCF).

This occurred to two sisters this weekend. Noticing the stress on the sisters a PBSO deputy requested approval from his supervisors to stay with the girls until DCF could arrive… and this is how the night unfolds.

The youngest of the girls suggested they watch a movie, FROZEN, and insisted they eat popcorn. So that’s what they did. The young girl propped herself up on the couch next to the deputy with her FROZEN action figures, watched the movie, ate popcorn and fell asleep.

Some time later, DCF personnel arrived to take possession of the girls. The young girl was so thankful she gave the deputy a friendship bracelet which he proudly wears.

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