Behavioral Services Division

Dear Friends,

My name is Captain Randy Foley and I am the Commander of the Behavioral Services Division. I have been employed with the Sheriff’s Office since 2000.  My experience at the Sheriff’s Office includes assignments in Road Patrol, Special Victims Unit, Narcotics, Tactical Unit, Human Trafficking Task Force, Cyber Crimes, Financial Crimes, Missing Persons Unit, and the S.W.A.T. Team.  I hold a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration and I am a United States Marine Corps Veteran.  When not working, I remain active with my family which includes activities such as camping, fishing, boating, and also volunteer as a baseball coach for my kid’s teams.

I am fortunate to lead a group of highly skilled and passionate investigators and non-sworn employees, dedicated to providing assistance to our community members in Palm Beach County. Behavioral Services Division is comprised of the Behavioral Services and Alternative Intervention Services Unit.  One of the most important elements in conducting investigations is creating partnerships with the community. My staff and I look forward to serving the residents of Palm Beach County as well as those who are visiting our beautiful county.

Captain Randy F. Foley

Behavioral Services
 Phone: (561) 688-5209

Behavioral Services Unit

Behavioral Services is a multi-disciplinary division of law enforcement detectives, licensed clinical therapist, and case managers whose focus is to mitigate threats to our community. The law enforcement portion has partnered with local, state, and federal law enforcement organizations to investigate possible threats to our community. The non-sworn work with those who are crisis or suffer from mental illness to direct them to the proper community services in an attempt to prevent future contact with law enforcement.

Alternative Intervention Services Unit

The Alternative Intervention Services Unit provides programs for at risk youth. The Juvenile First Offender Program (JFO) is a voluntary program designed to divert juvenile first offenders from the justice system and reduce recidivism.  Our Youth Intervention Program provides quality intervention services through the development of a comprehensive strategy to decrease juvenile delinquency.  This program consists of case management services or support and resources. Referrals for the youth intervention program are generated by deputies in the community, and our runaway and truancy referrals.

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