Emergency Operations Bureau

​The Emergency Operations Bureau (EOB) consists of  Court Services Division, Emergency Management Division, and Special Operations Division. It is a multidisciplinary organization providing strategic capabilities, including special tactical & emergency responses, courthouse & courtroom security, security for the Palm Beach County Governmental Center, all-hazards planning, training, and coordination, critical assets, vital services, support, personnel, and programs, which significantly multiply our agency’s abilities, capacities, and reach.

The EOB’s Special Operations assets include Aviation, Canine, Emergency Field Force, Environmental Crimes, Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Marine Enforcement, Mounted, and SWAT units. These units are specifically organized, trained, and equipped to conduct special operations capabilities and tactical techniques in small teams, as standalone units, with sheriff’s office districts/divisions, other agencies and task forces, providing discreet, precise, or direct action activities in complex, dynamic, and volatile environments or situations.

In addition, the EOB works closely with municipal, other county, state, and federal agencies, as well as, the Southeast Florida Domestic Security Task Force and Florida National Guard, especially during national, state, and/or local states of emergency. It carries out many of these functions as a lead agency by operating the Emergency Support Function-16 Unit (Law Enforcement & Security) at the Palm Beach County Emergency Operations Center.

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