BUSTED Jaimie Salinas

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BUSTED Jaimie Salinas

Between November 21st and November 26th, the victim loaned out her husbands’ 2009 Chrysler 300 to a woman she knows as Pricilla. She loaned it to her so she could drive herself to the hospital on 11/21. At around 1700 hours on 11/21 Chelly began texting and calling her friend to return the car. Ever since then the victim and her husband have been attempting to locate the vehicle, but have not been able to find it and are ready to report it stolen. I saw texts on the victim’s phone from the suspect stating that she can go ahead and call the cops and report it stolen.
Update: later in the shift a PBSO deputy located the stolen vehicle at the intersection of 10th ave n and s military trl. The vehicle stopped and both occupants were detained. The driver of the stolen vehicle was identified as Jaimie Salinas. Both victims responded to the scene. The victim positively identified Jaimie Salinas as the person she knows as Pricilla. She said that Jaimie is the woman that she loaned out the car to on 11/21/2013. She told me that the agreement was that she only use the vehicle for a few hours and return it afterwards.

Based on the fact that Jaimie Salinas was in control and in possession of the stolen vehicle, there was probable cause to arrest and charge her for violation of fss 812.014(2c6), grand theft auto.
Jaimie admitted to me that her drivers license is suspended so she was also charged with driving while license suspended with knowledge.

After arriving at the jail I noticed white powder crushed all over the floor board of my patrol vehicle right under Jaimie’s feet. The deputy had her step out of the vehicle at which time I gathered a small amount of the powder and tested it with a pbso issued cocaine field test kit. The test rendered a positive result for cocaine. Jaimie had white powder residue all over the bottoms of both of her shoes. It appeared as if she was attempting to jam a bag of cocaine through the small drain hole on in the floor board of the patrol vehicle’s prisoner compartment. The deputy recovered a torn plastic bag of cocaine partially stuffed through the drain hole of his patrol vehicle. The cocaine that was seen at Jaimie’s feet was introduced into his vehicle by Jaimie. Based on this new information there was probable cause to add the charge of possession of cocaine.


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