Unidentified Victims

Who Am I?
White Male Found in Boynton Beach
Sunday, September 7, 2003

Approximate Age - 65-75 years old

ID Info: Victim is described as 5’7”, 160 pounds, read hair, unknown color eyes, between 65-75 years of age. Subject was wearing a white tee shirt, white polo shirt with black and brown pin stripes on the border of the sleeves and neckline. Subject was wearing khaki pants and brown socks. Subject had no shoes. The victim had a 12” scar on the center of his stomach and back, to the left of the 12 inch scar on his stomach was a 3 inch scar, on his left shoulder blade was a 12 inch scar. He had an old tattoo, which was possibly an anchor or some type of Navy tattoo. Please contact Det. John VanHouten (561) 688 4000

Circumstances: This victim was found floating face down in a weed line approx. 5 miles east of the Boynton Inlet and 3 miles north.

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