Unidentified Victims

Who Am I?
88- 035249 White Male Found in Jupiter
Sunday, January 31, 1988

Approximate Age - 40 - 55 years old

ID Info: White male, 5'5" - 5'8" tall, weighed 150-200 pounds and had curly brown hair. He was discovered wearing a light colored T-shirt with "Bottle Cap Lounge and Liquor Locker, Key West" imprinted on the front, cut off blue Levi shorts, brown leather belt and black Converse low tops, size 7. Victim was muscular and in good shape. He also had a visible knot on his right collar bone as well as a knot on his right shoulder blade, perhaps from carrying heavy loads on that shoulder and could be caused by his line of work.

Circumstances: On 1/31/88, the skeletal remains of this white male were found 1.6 miles north of the Indiantown Road exit of I-95 in Jupiter, FL. Deceased was possibly the victim of two .22 caliber gun shots.

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