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Greetings, Welcome to the PBSO LE FTO webpage. We are happy you stopped by. The L.E. F.T.O. program is comprised of 70 Field Training Officers, 16 Field Training Sergeants throughout thirteen law enforcement districts. We also have field training officers representing several specialty units, which include the following: K-9 Unit, Marine Unit, Aviation Unit, Narcotics Division, Traffic Division, Community Policing Unit, and several Detective Divisions. Responsibilities of the L.E. Field Training Unit are comprised of training Community Service Aides, newly hired experienced officers from other agencies across the State of Florida, academy training, and preparing monthly roll call training for the agency. ...

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Lt. Bruce Hannan

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FTO of the Quarter:

Cpl. Joe Korb of District 1

March 27, 2007

Dear Sir,
I am proud to nominate Corporal Joseph Korb for the Field Training Officer of the Quarter. Cpl. Korb is a 20 year veteran deputy sheriff who is currently assigned as a field training officer. Cpl. Korb?s vast law enforcement experience is an asset to the field training program. He is challenged repeatedly to teach and mentor newly hired officers as they begin their career as law enforcement officers.

Even though Cpl. Korb has trained deputies for several years, it has not stopped him from developing new innovative methods of relaying important information. He realizes the importance of providing the best possible tools for the profession. Over the years, Cpl. Korb has taught the new officers the necessity of documenting an incident in a well written report, and has encouraged the officers to continue to develop their report writing skills.

Cpl. Korb has reviewed and critiqued thousands of reports throughout his career and identified areas which could be improved. Recently, Cpl. Korb went a step further with his training career and made an outstanding contribution to the Palm Beach County Sheriff?s Office which will assist all deputies with future reports. He took it upon himself to assist the profession with a difficult task, to develop a thorough, but simple, way to teach an officer how to write a clear and concise report.

Cpl. Korb developed a course which was submitted to the Palm Beach County Sheriff?s Office administration for review. The agency was overwhelmingly impressed with the program and immediately implemented it with the new hire orientation. In addition, it is being offered to the senior officers who have determined a need for improvement.

The three day course begins with a review of Basic English, to include the use of proper grammar, spelling and sentence structure. The officers are taught proper note taking and instructed on how to convert elements of a crime into words. Cpl. Korb utilizes various writing styles as examples, to include well written and poorly written reports. Although the course sounds like a typical report writing class, it is Cpl. Korb who makes the course inspirational and challenging.

He instituted an exercise called ?Round Up,? in which the students are allowed to ask ?the victim? one question and then jointly formulate a report regarding the incident.

Due to the overwhelming positive response from the students, the administration has requested that Cpl. Korb develop an advanced report writing class to continue with the promotion of professionalism through writing.

Cpl. Korb is a true leader and is an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the field of law enforcement. His self initiated desire to assist fellow law enforcement officers with the improvement of their writing abilities will not only better the officer and the agency, but will be a factor with providing improved police service to the public.

Sgt. Dieter Josef

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