Gang Unit & Gang Task Force - FAQ

Q: I think my son or daughter is in a gang. How can I be sure?

Q: My Child admits to being in a gang. What do I do now?

Q: Are there any girl gangs?

Q: There seems to be a lot of gang activity coming from my neighbor's house. What should I do?

Q: Is gang graffiti just meaningless scribble or is it some type of art?

Q: Should I search my child's room?

Q: Are gangs just made up of kids and teenagers?

Q: How big is the gang problem?

Q: Who runs these gangs?

Q: What should schools do to combat the gang problem?

Q: I'm a single mother and have to work full time. How can I keep my children away from gangs?

Q: Are gangs just made up of Blacks and Hispanics from the inner city?

Q: When should a parent begin to take steps to combat the gang problem?