Standards & Staff Development

Standards and Staff Development
Captain Donald Ross

The Standards and Staff Development Division supports the functions of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, Department of Corrections. The division consists of Accreditation, Contract Compliance, Field Training Programs, Key Control, Laundry and Quartermaster. These sections/units and other key staff assigned to the division work hard to support the overall goals and mission of the Sheriff's Office. The maintenance of standards and development of staff together provide the foundation to be built upon in creating and maintaining working and living environments within our facilities that can be viewed as models for best practices within our industry. The following is an overview of the sections and units within the division:


Accreditation has been a part of the Department of Corrections since 1984. This team consists of 2 Certified Jail Inspectors and 1 Certified Medical Inspector. They are responsible for maintaining 439 national standards and 284 state standards, development and maintenance of policies and procedures, post orders, and other documentation. Additionally, the Unit is responsible for inspections and issues related to the fire safety and sanitation of our two jail facilities.


The Contract Compliance Managers coordinate the development, administration, and compliance responsibilities of all contracts within the Department of Corrections. The contracts are monitored utilizing national, state, and local standards, inspections, evaluations and other methods of oversight to ensure the delivery of services is timely, appropriate with regard to quality, quantity, and cost. There are several contracts under the Department of Corrections, with the three largest outlined as follows:

  • Health Care Services currently contracted to Armor Correctional Health Services, Inc.
  • Food Services currently contracted to Trinity Services Group, Inc.
  • Commissary Services currently contracted to Swanson Services Corporation
Field Training Program:

The Field Training Program is comprised of individuals responsible for training newly assigned, and/or reassigned employees and supervisors within the Department of Corrections. This unit provides the initial training to staff after assignment/reassignment, as well as preparing and creating ongoing training events to ensure staff members retain knowledge, and receives timely updates of information in all aspects of Corrections.

Key Control and Security Equipment:

This unit is responsible for the maintenance, installation, issuance and oversight of every key and locking device throughout our jail facilities, as well as responsibility for, and maintenance of all self-contained breathing apparatus.


The Laundry Department provides daily laundry service to both correction facilities. This unit is responsible for operating and maintaining a large amount of industrial size equipment while staying within the budgetary and procedural guidelines set forth by our agency and industry standards.


The Quartermaster unit performs duties related to the requisitioning, receipt, inspection, storage and issuance of supplies, equipment, and materials for staff and inmates. The unit ensures that all facilities are properly stocked with the necessary items to perform the required duties of housing inmate populations.

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Captain Donald Ross

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