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Welcome to the Central Detention Center District!

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office Central Detention Center, formerly known as the Stockade, it is situated on a twenty-acre complex on Fairgrounds Road in suburban West Palm Beach. The facility was originally constructed in 1954 to house 56 county sentenced inmates under the operation of the Palm Beach County Department of Public Safety. The Central Detention Center has undergone expansion each decade since and currently houses inmates of minimum, medium, and maximum custody levels in ten separate buildings with a capacity of 989 inmates. Currently, additional construction and expansion are also underway. In 1977 control of the Central Detention Center was assumed by the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office and it is currently the 2nd largest of the counties three correctional facilities.

The Central Detention Center Division is staffed by 196 full-time PBSO professionals, consisting of 152 Corrections Deputy Sheriffs and 42 Non-Sworn Support and Administrative employees. Approximately one third of the Central Detention Center inmate population is comprised of county-sentenced (one year or less) inmate workers who are assigned to various Palm Beach County government entities to perform a variety of tasks such as clean-up detail, PBSO vehicle maintenance, as well as graffiti eradication programs. The remaining two thirds of the inmate population are pre-trial inmates awaiting court proceedings. Direct Supervision is used in the majority of the housing units where a deputy completes his or her tour of duty inside the dormitory with the inmate population. The Stockade first introduced Direct Supervision in Palm Beach County in 1988.

Although administered by separate commands, the Central Detention Center is home to several innovative inmate-program opportunities to include the Alternative Custody Program, Richard P. Willie Substance Abuse Recovery Facility, newly designated as "The Secure Treatment and Recovery", which were formerly known the Drug Farm, and the Substance Abuse Awareness Program (S.A.A.P.). Finally, the Central Detention Center offers educational and religious programs to all inmates assigned to the facility.

The Central Detention Center was first awarded National Accreditation through the American Correctional Association in 1993 and has successfully maintained the rigorous standards for continued re-accreditation since that time. In addition, the Central Detention Center is also accredited through the Florida Corrections Accreditation Commission.

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Telephone Directory
Main Number 688-4800
Facility Commander 688-4812
Executive Officer 688-4808
Watch Commander 688-4834
Inmate Records / Information 688-4340
Secure Treatment and Recovery 688-4821
Criminal / Sex Offender Registration 688-4990

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