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The threat that our own equipment could be used against us as a weapon of mass destruction has caused the law enforcement agencies to seek out better protection for the agricultural community. Not only to address the concerns of Agro-Terrorism, but also the criminal enterprises that continually plague their operations resulting in great losses, and higher prices for the consumer. As the war on terrorism expands and the terrorist becomes more vigilant in their endeavors, we must increase our awareness at home. As we have been shown in recent times now is not the time to ignore any part of American society that could be exploited. Homeland protection must become a priority on all levels. The Agricultural industry is indeed extremely vulnerable to attack. The old way of doing business is no longer adequate. The consequences of an attack on our nation's food or water supplies could prove disastrous. The implementation of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office Agricultural Crime's Unit will provide a better defense in the battle against terrorism on the home front. Moreover, the escalating cost to the consumer for farm-produced products is directly related to the losses sustained within the industry from Ag related crimes. The Sheriff of Palm Beach County is committed to combating these matters with a well-trained, well-equipped, specialized unit dedicating itself to the suppression and prosecution of Agro-Terrorism and other Ag related crimes.

Palm Beach County
Agricultural Unit

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Belle Glade, FL 33430-5617

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Members of the unit

Sgt. Trever Cayson

Detective David Alderman

Detective M. Hansen-Morency

Detective Ryan Reeder

D/S Terrence Senecal
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