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Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office is pleased to sponsor Business Partnership Program, a cooperative crime prevention program for local businesses and police. The primary goal of the Business Partnership Program is to reduce crime that affects Palm Beach County businesses.

Our goal is to build partnerships with the sheriff's office and the business community.

Like Neighborhood Watch, these relationships:

  • Lead to a cooperative effort to prevent crime.
  • Provide timely security information to the police (and other businesses).
  • Catch criminals in the act.
  • Support the safety and security of Palm Beach County businesses.

In addition, you can help educate patrol officers on the specific issues and concerns of your business, so we're better able to work proactively and keep watch over problem areas.

Reasons to Join Business Partnership program:

  • Get to know your business neighbors.
  • Gain useful information about crime and prevention.
  • Optimize your communications with the Sheriff's Office.
  • Receive emails on crime trends and alerts.
  • Best of all it's FREE to the businesses.

DS Karl Martin #3940
Crime Prevention Coordinator
Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

3228 Gun Club Rd
West Palm Beach, Florida 33406
Office Number 561-478-8750
Fax Number 561-478-8699


    Registration Instructions:
  1. Complete contact form
  2. Print out affidavit
  3. Complete affidavit and have it notarized
  4. Mail notarized affidavit to mailing address located on bottom of form
  5. Order sign(s) from vendor
    1. a. North End Kauff's Signs 561-775-3278 (Located on Northlake Blvd)
    2. b. South End SigningAmerica 888-656-3465 (Located in Pompano Beach)