Chris Kneisley - Corrections Security Chris Kneisley - Corrections Security

Major Chris Kneisley started his career with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office in 1983. He has been assigned various duties within Corrections, including Custody, Booking, and Classification. Of his 33 years with the agency, all but 3 have been in Corrections. From 1996 to early 1999, he was assigned to the department that eventually evolved into Planning and Research. During that time, his duties included facilitating process improvement teams, implementing and deploying the business plan process, and managing grants.

In February 1999, Major Kneisley returned to Corrections and assumed command of the Inmate Management Division, which consisted of Booking and Release, Inmate Records, Inmate Property, Classification, and Alternative Custody. In August of 2004, he was promoted to Major, and is currently assigned to the Corrections Security Bureau overseeing the Main Detention Center, Stockade Division and West County Detention Center Division.

He currently holds a Bachelor's Degree in Public Administration from Barry University.

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